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At Rogitex Inc. we aspire to build a sustainable and harmonious environment through the development of green technologies for the well-being of future generations.

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Rogitex is committed to providing its markets with technical knowledge, personalized service and quality products, while keeping a flexible approach and logistic model, in an ever-changing market environment.



Humic Land, Rogitex

Humic Land trial in the Coachella Valley

A trial took place from mid August to early November 2019 in the Coachella Valley, to determine the effects of Humic Land on yields during a winter crop.
Humic Land

Bring Back Live Topsoil

Topsoil health and the tiny microbes that live there never was a usual topic of conversation. We didn’t have the appreciation that plants…
Humic Land, Rogitex

Rogitex Introduces Humic Land

Rogitex has been involved in the distribution of rubber products to various industries ranging from automotive to infrastructure industries for…

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