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Our company

Rogitex Inc. was established in 1980 by Roger Kayal as a trading company specializing in the supply of Rubber and Raw Materials to the Tyre and Rubber Industry.

In the early 90’s, Rogitex successfully introduced the Shriram Rayon Tyre Cord to European tire manufacturers. Within a decade of its founding, Rogitex had successfully forged lasting relationships with top tire producers such as Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear and Michelin.

Through the years

In the mid 90’s, the company created a new subsidiary, Rogitex Rubber Inc., to enter the synthetic rubber market in North America. Rogitex Rubber would then become the distributor of Alexandria Carbon Black Corp (Birla Group) and Petroflex S.A., today part of Lanxess Brazil.

By 2000, the company expanded its synthetic rubber sales globally to include Asia.

By 2010, all of our business operations have been consolidated into one entity, Rogitex Inc. The portfolio has expanded in North America to include Thermoplastic Elastomers, Processing Oils, Solvents, and Natural Asphalt.

By 2018, Rogitex re-evaluated its position in the ever-changing market dynamic and made the decision to concentrate its efforts in promoting environmentally friendly solutions to markets where users could benefit the most.

Throughout its history, the company has remained family-owned and has had 3 generations of the Kayal family actively working in the company.

Rogitex is committed to providing its markets with technical knowledge, personalized service and quality products while keeping a flexible approach and logistic model in an ever-changing market environment.

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Our vision

At Rogitex Inc. we aspire to build a sustainable and harmonious environment through the development of green technologies for the well-being of new generations.

Our mission

We strive to become leaders in the markets we serve by promoting green solutions to our customers that will help them with their daily operations and, ultimately, their bottom line. We intend to achieve that while applying our core values of integrity, personalized customer service, our respect for the environment and our employees and communities.


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