Bring Back Live Topsoil

February 14, 2019
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  • Philip Kayal

Topsoil health and the tiny microbes that live there never was a usual topic of conversation. We didn’t have the appreciation that plants and bacteria coexist in the soil in an interdependence relationship from which both benefit. 

However, modern farming practices have created a problem, dry topsoil. The cause is from intense planting, leaving the ground bare between rows of crops, tilling the soil and applying too many chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

Poor and dry topsoil doesn’t hold on to nutrients or water and looks a lot like dust. The degradation of soil doesn’t just have an impact on farmers; it extends to the foods we eat and our health.

Thankfully, some farmers and soil scientists are realizing we need to look at soil differently. Seeing and treating topsoil as a living entity, which requires careful tending will be one of the most important things we need to do in this century.

Humic Acids Help Build Soils’ Organic Matter

Topsoil is alive. Topsoil is a remarkable complex system hosting millions of interacting microorganisms with a mixture of natural minerals, organic matter, nutrients and gases. These delicate microorganisms absorb and retain water, feed plants and control pests.

Humus forms from inorganic conversions and organic creatures such as microbes, nematodes, and earthworms. Humic acids provide a medium for transporting nutrients from the soil to the plant. In addition to its many benefits, the most important is that Humus holds its weight in water. Humic acids can bind to soil particles, creating the necessary space for microbes to live and promote healthy root growth. Soil rich with humus creates a better environment for the microorganisms to thrive.

Changing Farming Techniques

Science and farming techniques are evolving, but change isn’t coming fast enough. Even as some farmers move toward more holistic soil management, they’re running into friction–from the culture of farming to the business of agriculture.

Even organic production, which at its base is about promoting the productivity of healthy soil, some farmers do still till to control weeds.

Humic Land Organic Fertilizer

To improve topsoil and the growing condition of your plants, add Humic Land to your holistic soil management program. Humic Land consists of Humic Acids, Fulvic Acids and raw humates creating a rich and powerful acid in sustainable agriculture. 

You can use this highly effective organic fertilizer alone in organic farming or as an additional booster when combined with other fertilizers and pesticides in conventional agriculture. 


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