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Nowadays, we try to pay more attention to everything ecological and maximize the products we recycle; eco-sustainable development requires!  Asphalt is one of these products, although a meticulous job is required to recycle it in large quantities,

Society issues

Reclaimed pavement only accumulate from season to season. It is our duty, as a society, to be engaged in the development of new practices to reduce the products sent to landfills.


RapjakTM, an additive that simplifies the utilization of Reclaimed Asphalt Paving (RAP) in the mix design, improves the mix design’s capacity to receive up to 60% RAP content without modifying the characteristics of the binder. RapjakTM can achieve that while improving compaction.

Sectors of activity served

  • Paving industry
  • Municipality
  • Project Management
  • Transport Industry

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