RapjakTM is an easy to use additive that offers performance security when using Recycled Asphalt Paving (RAP). With RapjakTM, users can increase the RAP content up to 65% without having to modify the PG grade, and without compromising the performance.



Adding RapjakTM to the mix improves many characteristics of a high RAP design.

Easy to use

RapjakTM acts directly in conjunction with the quantitative oxidized binder available from the RAP. If the RAP is characterized as having a high level of asphalt content, then higher quantities of RapjakTM would be required in the mix design to guarantee appropriate mobilization.

RapjakTM helps increase the levels of RAP by modifying 100% of the RAP oxidized binder in the mix design, without compromising the mix performance.

RapjakTM is added directly to the mixer. In a batch plant, it is inserted directly in the batch mixer, while in a continuous plant, the RAP conveyor belt can be used to add the RapjakTM via the recycling ring.


Adding RapjakTM to the mix improves many characteristics of a high RAP design.

How does Rapjak benefit the user

RapjakTM permits the user to increase their RAP content in the asphalt mix while meeting the specifications

RapjakTM offers greater ease of production without having to go through formulation changes to compensate for the asphalt / RAP changes and differences

RapjakTM provides the user with the benefit of cost savings, relative to the increasing use of RAP content in their asphalt mix

RapjakTM improves lay-down and compaction of high RAP mix

RapjakTM improves the processability of the high RAP mix


Effects on asphalt binder



Rogitex is committed to making sure that the RapjakTM user obtains the best possible performance outcome. Rogitex is committed to offering its technical service to guide users to optimize the use of the product based on their asphalt formula.

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