Rogitex Introduces Humic Land

December 16, 2018
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  • Philip Kayal

Rogitex has been involved in the distribution of rubber products to various industries ranging from automotive to infrastructure industries for close to 40 years. Over the last couple of years, we have been on a quest to find ways to diversify our product line to give back to our communities in the hope to improve our environment one way or another.

In our journey to meet this goal, we are now developing several new products that will play an important part in supporting the circular economy.

In parallel, the ever-changing food quality and stress on crops due to modern day agriculture presented an opportunity for Rogitex to do more. As it becomes more and more difficult for our children to get all their proper nutrients from food due to soil depletion, it’s no surprise the increasing popularity of including dietary supplements to one’s diet has become apparent.

Which brings us to our new venture – our aim to go back to the root of the problem and improve the quality of our soils – a time when crops were richer in vitamin and minerals than what we have today.

Because rich soil matters and is the basis for healthy plants, animals and humans, Rogitex has expanded its business to include organic fertilizer for the agriculture, horticulture and floriculture industries.

We are extremely pleased to present to you our newest product, Humic Land. Humic Land is a multi-purpose, 100% organic fertilizer produced from black peat. This product will provide many benefits to conventional and organic agricultural farms by improving their soil texture, as well as nutrient uptake and crop productivity.

The major advantage of the Humic Land is its high concentration of Humic Acid (HA) and Fulvic Acid (FA). Humic acids can contribute to the soil by stimulating root development as well as its capacity to recover the damaged soil and rejuvenate agricultural land. More importantly, humic substances have excellent potential for increasing crop and livestock productivity without harming the environment.

Humic Land is the first of many new products that will help position Rogitex as a company that believes in giving back. In the next few years; we will be introducing an expanded product portfolio that includes eco-friendly and sustainable products for a world in need.

Humic Land, Rogitex

Humic Land trial in the Coachella Valley

A trial took place from mid August to early November 2019 in the Coachella Valley, to determine the effects of Humic Land on yields during a winter crop.

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