The Soil is losing organic matter

Depleted from its abundant and diversified microorganisms, Soil fails to harvest healthy, nutrient-rich produce, which affects our health.

With the health of younger generations at heart, don’t you think Humanity must make Soil healthy again?

Join us on our journey building awareness to bring back Soil for Humanity

Latest informations

The Janitor

Who do you think is the most important person in the company called Earth?

How Nutritious is our Produce?

People are questioning if the food we have today contains the same nutritive value as the food from many years ago? This is a valid question, so let’s explore the evidence.

Interview with Mr Katsu Minami

Mr. Minami published Soil and Humanity: Culture, Civilization, Livelihood and Health, 2009. A revealing paper highlighting humanity’s historical relationship with agriculture and soil which deserved further questioning.

Soil & Civilization – A Lost Relationship

Soil & Civilization explores the importance of soil not just to a community, but also a civilization.

Taking Control Of Our Health!

Keeping healthy should not be understated. It should be a necessity. Healthy should be part of our daily lives.

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