The Soil is losing organic matter

Depleted from its abundant and diversified microorganisms, Soil fails to harvest healthy, nutrient-rich produce, which affects our health.

With the health of younger generations at heart, don’t you think Humanity must make Soil healthy again?

Join us on our journey building awareness to bring back Soil for Humanity

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Geophagia – Eating soil

Clay, dirt, and mud pie, the earthly dietary delicacy. Soil contains minerals that are important for human development, and proper cellular biology. Obviously too much can harm, but in the right measure it’s ability to help is astonishing – but served on the menu?

Alternative Medicine – Alternative Agriculture

It’s nice to have healthy options to the status quo, but when did our baseline for health become the alternative?

Soil that Heals – No Harmful Side Effects

Our kinship with sol continues as our natural forests have the capacity to heal us from illness, cheer us from sadness, and assure our overall well being.

Life Beneath our Feet

Soil is a complex organism with many beneficial life forms working hard to sustain us. All of them working in a perfect structure to support our lives above ground

Soil For Humanity interview with Professor Joann K Whalen

As Soil Health is gaining greater importance, Soil For Humanity had the opportunity to sit down with Professor Joann Whalen from McGill University, to discuss soil biology, organic matter and new ways growers can improve and monitor soil’s biological functions.
the garden

The Garden

Mankind’s relationship with the garden has special significance throughout the stages of our years. A century of soil speaks volumes of our human history, but maybe if we listen softly, we will hear her story about us.

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