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The Soil is losing organic matter

Depleted from its abundant and diversified microorganisms, Soil fails to harvest healthy, nutrient-rich produce, which affects our health.
With the health of younger generations at heart, don’t you think Humanity must make Soil healthy again?
Join us on our journey building awareness to bring back Soil for Humanity

Check On Your Tenants: Who’s Living on Your Farm?

There is no beginning and no end to the Food Web. Just as there is no waste. From the microscopic organisms in your soil to your dinner table, there is a continuum of eaters and eaten. On your farm, do you have any gaps in that continuum? How can you tell if you have the proper microorganisms?

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How Soil Health Influences Our Health

It Starts with Soil Health 24 hours a day/7 days a week carbon dioxide and other gases are cycled into the soil from the atmosphere. Some gases stay in the soil, others are returned to the atmosphere. Usually, plants are

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Nitrogen is crucial for plant growth. Now, here is the weird thing, Nitrogen is amongst the most abundant elements on Earth; however, it is not in a plant-available form.

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The Roots of Medicine

We have what we require to keep us fit and heal ourselves from our food sources. Therefore, it’s important that our soils, which heals us, be respected because they contain the nutrients and minerals that are our physical building blocks.

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November – During Autumn Equinox

The month of remembrance and the month of celebration filled with gratitude. But just maybe our Thanksgiving should run deeper, as we observe the diverse microbiome beneath the soil that contributed to our traditions heralding the Autumn Equinox.

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Halloween Candy

Dash Yerba Matte, A smidgeon of Candyleif (Asteraceae), and pumpkin spice to make all things nice!
At Halloween, we offer candy to the little ghosts and goblins trick-or-treating, but did you know we get candy straight from our rich dark soil, which nature caters all year round.

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Geophagia – Eating soil

Clay, dirt, and mud pie, the earthly dietary delicacy. Soil contains minerals that are important for human development, and proper cellular biology. Obviously too much can harm, but in the right measure, its ability to help is astonishing – but served on the menu?

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Life Beneath our Feet

Soil is a complex organism with many beneficial life forms working hard to sustain us. All of them working in a perfect structure to support our lives above ground

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Interview with Professor Joann K. Whalen

As Soil Health is gaining greater importance, Soil For Humanity had the opportunity to sit down with Professor Joann Whalen from McGill University, to discuss soil biology, organic matter and new ways growers can improve and monitor soil’s biological functions.

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The Garden

Mankind’s relationship with the garden has special significance throughout the stages of our years. A century of soil speaks volumes of our human history, but maybe if we listen softly, we will hear her story about us.

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Pura Vida

Humanity evolved with microscopic bacteria which helped to condition our natural immunity. To restrict this exposure to our natural world weakens the human system. The controversial notion of living a pure life and a sanitized existence.

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Agriculture – Food Diversity

How has food diversity been lost throughout the years? Are the crops that we have today simply hybridized?

Let’s explore some of the crop varieties we have and what measures are in place to assure we never lose them.

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Tillage – Cultivated in Spades

Tillage will dry soil if you’re attempting to aerate the top layer to facilitate crops. The issue is when industrial strength machinery digs in “several feet” for commercial crops, it compacts the lower soil layer killing it off.

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Interview with Mr Katsu Minami

Mr. Minami published Soil and Humanity: Culture, Civilization, Livelihood and Health, 2009. A revealing paper highlighting humanity’s historical relationship with agriculture and soil which deserved further questioning.

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