Soil for Humanity

The Soil is losing organic matter

Depleted from its abundant and diversified microorganisms, Soil fails to harvest healthy, nutrient-rich produce, which affects our health.

With the health of younger generations at heart, don’t you think Humanity must make Soil healthy again?

Join us on our journey building awareness to bring back Soil for Humanity

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Roots of medicine

Agriculture – When did we lose our Roots in Medicine?

Physician Daphne Miller observes the native indigenous diets work best for our health. Modernization has changed many of our traditional recipes, shifting waistline structure, and our sensible diet.
Roots of Medicine

The Roots of Medicine

We have what we require to keep us fit and heal ourselves from our food sources. Therefore, it’s important that our soils, which heals us, be respected because they contain the nutrients and minerals that are our physical building blocks.
Autumn Equinox

November – During Autumn Equinox

The month of remembrance and the month of celebration filled with gratitude. But just maybe our Thanksgiving should run deeper, as we observe the diverse microbiome beneath the soil that contributed to our traditions heralding the Autumn Equinox.

News from Rogitex

Our world is in transition, so the way we saw it, we had two choices; be part of the solution or follow the status quo.

Halloween Candy

Dash Yerba Matte, A smidgeon of Candyleif (Asteraceae), and pumpkin spice to make all things nice! At Halloween, we offer candy to the little ghosts and goblins trick-or-treating, but did you know we get candy straight from our rich dark soil, which nature caters all year round.

Geophagia – Eating soil

Clay, dirt, and mud pie, the earthly dietary delicacy. Soil contains minerals that are important for human development, and proper cellular biology. Obviously too much can harm, but in the right measure it’s ability to help is astonishing – but served on the menu?

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